Secure your accounts & access to your data

Access your data and connect to your applications without a password and meet your security needs.

Gainfluidity in your daily life while minimizing the risk of attacks.

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Bravas - Arrow icon svg
How can you optimize the security of your IT assets? Ask for a demo!

Goodbye to passwords

90% of attacks are aimed at hacking passwords. Secure technologies exist: we at Bravas have developed them for you, SMEs and start-ups.

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A secure connection for all your apps

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90% of security breaches avoided

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Phishing and brute force attacks become impossible with Bravas

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Less time wasted resetting passwords

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Your IT fleet compliant and homogeneous

OS and app versions evolve rapidly and it's always a challenge to ensure that updates are made regularly. Bravas allows you to automate and track these upgrades.

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Easily visualize non-compliant devices at a glance

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Set up mandatory updates remotely and automatically

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Block non-compliant devices until the update is done

Choose your security level

Every company is subject to security constraints. We let you choose your security level. But at Bravas, even the lowest level already protects you!

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Set up restrictions (encrypted disk, disabled usb ports, forbidden Wifi...)

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Decide if access to certain apps can be allowed on a personal computer

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Gain mobility without compromising on security

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features of Bravas

Centralize your IT fleet management

Your IT fleet inventory is now centralized and automatically updated. Keep control of your devices remotely, monitor their health, and regain control in case of loss or theft.

Your computers, smartphones and apps always up to date

Ensure that the devices and software used in your company are always secure by intelligently scheduling updates. More security without even disrupting your employees' work.

Anticipate your compliance needs

A customer audit or certification necessary to access a new market? Anticipate requirements, define rules, track non-compliances, and generate audit reports in just a few clicks with Bravas.

Free up your time.
Time to make a difference.

Adopt an efficient IT management solution now.