Password-free authentication is no longer a fiction!

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Connect securely

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Phisphing-resistant double authentication

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WebAuthN (passkeys and FIDO2) and certificate authentication

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The smoothest way to access your applications

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A password is like a pebble in your shoe.
We think we're getting used to it, but it slows us down and is painful.

Choose Bravas as your identity provider, federate your applications and benefit from the simplest solution for deploying passwordless authentication across your enterprise.

Cyber risks

Passwords are a source of risk

Bravas eliminates password-related security breaches such as "phishing", "bruteforce" or "social engineering" with innovative authentication methods for your favorite applications.


More safety AND more fluidity!

Generating a password, remembering it, typing it, sharing it, storing it, changing it. These are the kind of things you have to do every day.
Login without password lets you simply log in without these constraints.

Stay in control

Link your applications to Bravas

Bravas also serves as a single sign-on to your online applications. Based on the SAML protocol (and soon OpenIDConnect), you can enable all your collaborators to connect easily to their tools.

Apps management

An application launcher

An application launcher is made available to each of your employees, on which they will find all the applications to which they can access their password.
Once again, Bravas simplifies your teams' day-to-day work.

What Bravas brings you

Save time, focus on what really matters

Simplified remote work

The ability to manage your computer fleet and data remotely to simplify employee mobility. No need to physically handle the devices, Bravas allows remote control.

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Optimal security

You can be sure that no one, be it an unauthorized employee or a malicious person, can access your data. Your security rules are applied and access to your sensitive information is secured.

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Real time inventory

No more need to manually manage the inventory and the follow-up of the computer park. Your computers, tablets or smartphones are automatically registered and associated with an employee.

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Automated on/off-boarding

Your new employees will have their computers, tablets or smartphones and their accounts ready on their first day (without you having spent a minute configuring them). And conversely, all their access will be revoked the day they leave.

Optimized licenses costs

No more active accounts after an employee leaves, a precise view of the apps you pay for (monthly or annually) and which are not or hardly used. Less time wasted on daily IT and support issues.

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Get compliance reports when you need them and automatic compliance based on the norms that apply to you, to anticipate and be ready for customer or legal audits. Be able to respond more quickly to bids and access new markets.

IT security should no longer be the preserve of large corporations

Adopt now a robust and simple solution to boost your IT management.

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