Automated on/off-boarding

Managing the integration and departure of your employees in the blink of an eye

Gain in fluidity and reactivity by letting Bravas take care of preparing new computers and creating accounts for your new employees.

Automated on-boarding

Eliminate all the time spent preparing computer equipment before your new employees arrive and create a "wow" effect.

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Automatically created accounts

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Computers configured without even touching them

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Secure access from day one

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Efficiently and peacefully manage the departure of your employees

Their accounts are automatically closed, their computers are ready to be reused, and your former employees will be permanently removed from all your systems.

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Don't pay for SAAS licenses you're not using anymore

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Eliminate the risks of access to your data by former employees

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Assure your employees that their data will be completely erased

Boost your employees' satisfaction

Non-performing hardware and IT issues can impact your employees' productivity.
Free them from these constraints with Bravas.

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Devices and applications always up to date, from day one

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No more need to go to the IT manager's office

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No more need to spend hours searching for the person who grants access.

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Bravas - dashboard illustration

Integrate your HRIS solution for even more options

You can use Bravas independently or integrate it with your HRIS to fully leverage automations.

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Roles and responsibilities are applied to all your apps and devices

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Employee arrivals and departures are automatically taken into account with SIRH information.

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Bravas installation is made even easier by using the same settings as in your HRIS

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features of Bravas

Secure your accounts & access to your data

Adopt the new password-free secure login methods that are tailored to your security needs. Gain fluidity in your daily life while minimizing the risks of attacks.

Centralize your IT fleet management

Your IT fleet inventory is now centralized and automatically updated. Keep control of your devices remotely, monitor their health, and regain control in case of loss or theft.

Your computers, smartphones and apps always up to date

Ensure that the devices and software used in your company are always secure by intelligently scheduling updates. More security without even disrupting your employees' work.