Partners, a win-win solution for you and your customers

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Deploy MDM and IDP in 1 hour

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Reduce the number of solutions

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No minimum quantity

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No more full weeks of training

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Are you an IT service provider, MSP, member of the Apple Consultant Network, outsourced CIO, hardware rental or reseller...
and would like to become a partner, reseller or business contributor?

A solution tailored to the needs and budget of SMEs

Take advantage of a compliance upgrade for your customers' IT assets without spending 3 days on it.
's how long it takes to deploy Bravas, enroll 25 devices, secure them, set up identity federation on 2 applications and enable passwordless login.

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State-of-the-art in security posture without any configuration on your part

Bravas comes with security postures already configured.
When you deploy Bravas, there's no need to click 35 boxes. We've done it for you.

Savetime on deployments

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Drastic reduction in the number of customers forgetting their passwords

How many of your customers' calls are related to password resets? 50%? 75% ? Reduce this time by enabling them to log in to their online applications without any passwords.

Reclaim time to bring even more value to your customers

Competitive pricing

One solution, two products, one price for your customers

Bravas allows you to benefit from the functionalities of an IT asset manager and an identity manager in a single tool, at a price made for your SME customers.

A tool that further improves the perceived quality of your service.

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Hosting to meet sovereignty needs

Choose where you want to host your customers' data, whether online or on-premise.

Meet your customers' legislative requirements with ease.

We are part of the MacAdmins community
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We believe in partnerships
to provide the best experience for SMEs.

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