Audit and compliance

Anticipate your compliance needs

A certification, a call for projects?
There will be many reasons to audit and certify your IT park.

Bravas helps you to make the right choices and monitor that everything remains as you have decided.

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Bravas - Arrow icon svg
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Anticipate your audits and stay in line with your customers' expectations

Bravas a unique IT management solution that helps you meet regulatory demands

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Generate compliance reports

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Respond to customer audits more confidently

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Be informed of non-conformities as soon as possible

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Internal audits to improve your productivity

Bravas allows you to create audit reports, which will help you better manage your business.

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A comprehensive overview of potential gains on SAAS licenses: utilization and frequency rates

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Easily manage your fleet renewal.

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Identify performance problems before your employees know they exist

Anticipate the compliance demands from your industry or clients

Don't waste months trying to get compliant at the last minute. Make the right choices now and be ready when the time comes.

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Ensure compliance early in the life of your business.

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Be more responsive to calls for bids

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Reach new markets faster

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Optimize the costs associated with your SaaS licenses

Gain visibility on the number of licenses in use, the number of licenses used, and the frequency of use.

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View the total number of SAAS licenses in your company

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Identify unused or underutilized licenses

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No more risks related to licenses left open by former employees

When should I replace my computers?

An IT fleet is built over the life of a company and therefore requires renewal as it goes along. Bravas gives you visibility into when they are in service and when they need to be replaced.

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Plan your IT fleet renewal

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Improve your IT equipment management to increase its lifespan.

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Make sure your employees have the right equipment

Bravas - person illustrationBravas - Stay in control

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Anticipate your compliance needs

A customer audit or certification necessary to access a new market? Anticipate requirements, define rules, track non-compliances, and generate audit reports in just a few clicks with Bravas.

Secure your accounts & access to your data

Adopt the new password-free secure login methods that are tailored to your security needs. Gain fluidity in your daily life while minimizing the risks of attacks.

Centralize your IT fleet management

Centralize and automatically update your IT fleet inventory. Keep control over your devices remotely, monitor their health, and regain control in case of loss or theft.

Free up your time.
Time to make a difference.

Adopt an efficient IT management solution now.